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Every child deserves

a first class education

Welcome from Our CEO


Mr Michael Tonge, CEO Prestolee Multi Academy Trust 


Welcome to Prestolee Multi Academy Trust and thank you for visiting our website. 

An Inspiring Environment Where Children Can Flourish


No child ever gets a second chance at Primary education.


Prestolee Trust is about children.  It is about creating the conditions so our schools can work autonomously and deliver a first-class education for the children in their care. Leaders lead, but in the end people deliver. Empowering people is key to our success.  Governors, leaders and staff have a hard job to do.  Our job is to support you to do it and do it well.  We want Prestolee to be a trust of choice, for our schools, staff, and children. We are not just about opportunity; we are about repeat opportunity.


At Prestolee MAT we focus on nurturing exceptional teachers in our schools which, in turn, nurtures happy, engaged children who develop a strong desire to learn. Our teachers have high expectations of the children and understand the need to work with them to capture their imagination and unlock their full potential. We invest a huge amount of time in training our teachers through our outstanding training hubs and by learning from best practice across all the Prestolee Trust schools. By tapping into this rich network of experience and knowledge, teachers can apply the best possible teaching methods in the classroom which feeds our strong culture of innovation and excellence for all.


Achieving Excellence For All


A culture of excellence is promoted within our schools, for both staff and pupils alike. We do this by focusing on our four key values. 



We support and value our staff, our children and our wider school communities



We learn from each other and solve problems as a wider team



We embrace new teaching ideas and progressive ways of working



We harness the power of diversity and use it to learn and grow


Achieving Excellence Through Training and Support


Prestolee Trust is a thriving, ambitious Trust of diverse schools that focuses on training and collaboration to build a culture of excellence. We believe that creating a foundation of highly skilled, motivated teachers is the best way to nurture our children and contribute to our schools’ wider communities. We have a proven track record of working with our schools to achieve rapid improvement – whatever their OFSTED status – by recognising their specific challenges, sharing best practice and utilising our three training hubs and large SCITT. Staff are motivated, ambitious and energised, which leads to happier children and better results.  


A Collaborative Community to Help Your School Thrive


When you join our Trust, you immediately become part of a strong support network that focuses on working collaboratively, while actively encouraging you to develop the distinctive identity of your individual school. Our outstanding SCITT means you get direct access to high-quality early career teachers, as well as excellent training and professional development for existing staff. You’ll benefit from shared resources, you’ll be inspired by the best practices employed across our schools (and beyond), and you’ll be supported to strengthen links with your school’s wider community. But we want to learn from you too. Every school has different challenges and the cross-pollination of ideas is what makes our Trust particularly successful in raising standards for everyone.


Empowering You to Make a Difference


Empowering staff and nurturing new teachers is our biggest priority. You’ll have direct access to our outstanding in-house training, where you’ll embrace exciting new ways of working and connect with like-minded teachers across all our schools. Tailor-made CPD opportunities allow you to follow your career interests and observe best practice from colleagues who have hands-on experience. You’ll also be encouraged to share your own ideas and mentor new teachers at the start of their careers.  Ultimately, you’ll be part of a strong, supportive team that will help you expand your knowledge, motivate you in your job and make a real difference to the children you teach.

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