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Diversity in our community of practice matters.


Within Prestolee we have some of the highest performing schools in the region as well as school who have been on a journey to excellence. This diversity of practice and wide school community is important to ensuring our practice and our Trust community remains rich, vibrant and dynamic.

We want to build a community across the region and bring that diversity of practice together for the benefit of all.

At Prestolee Multi Academy Trust We learn from each other and solve problems as a wider team. 


Prestolee Multi Academy Trust have a proven record of rapidly improving schools that require immediate support, nurturing them into organisations that have maintained good and outstanding status. We also welcome good and outstanding providers who share our vision and values to join our trust. We expect all our schools to support each other and to share best practice for the benefit of all. We encourage each of our schools to celebrate its distinctive identity within our community and recognise that high levels of success cannot be sustained by adopting a ‘one size fits all’ model.


Our key value is Achieving Excellence for all. We believe our collaborative approach ensures staff are part of a family of schools, with the highest educational and operational expertise to ensure the very best education, support and guidance to our pupils across the group.


“I am proud to lead this school as a Salford school supported by Prestolee. The MAT’s approach is to avoid standardised policies and work as a collaboration of supportive practice at all levels. Each school is a unique entity in our collaborative whole. This ensures as Head Teacher of Barton Moss I have the autonomy to lead creatively and support to ensure I succeed.” 

Victoria Unsworth

Head Teacher of Mesne Lea Primary School 


“As a high performing school in Bury with a good inspection behind us we asked ourselves, what next? How do we challenge ourselves and continue our journey of excellence. After looking at many Trusts we decided on Prestolee.  Their approach ensures schools maintain their identity and autonomy, whilst providing challenge, support and cutting edge practice like nothing else we saw.  A positive, supportive and open culture which has helped our staff and our community grow and develop. I and my school are so proud of working in this trust and for the many opportunities to grow and learn within it.”
Stephen Holden

Executive Head Tottington Primary and Bowness Primary


“As a school just starting the journey to excellence we had never had a good judgment since Ofsted began. We knew our results were a long way from good enough. What we wanted was support, capacity, access to the best and to improve with our staff in our community. Our staff working within this community have grown and developed over time.  Not through systems being thrown at us but by nurturing, developing and challenging us to be the best we can be.  We are now good and performing well!  Our culture though is hungry for more success for our children and the communities we serve.  We will continue to thrive in this community of practice.”

Damian Harris

Executive leader for Waterloo Primary and Fiddlers Lane Primary


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