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Every child deserves

a first class education

Vision and Values

The Trust of choice, for children, parents, and educators. A community of practice, where everyone belongs, learns, and succeeds.

 Where every child receives a first-class education and is prepared for a future of possibilities

Our vision is to create a hub of teaching excellence by providing exceptional opportunities and training for teachers, enabling the very best educational and life outcomes for pupils. 



We are creating a hub of educational excellence in its widest sense.


We do this by helping schools place the best staff, delivering the best learning in the best places. From initial teacher training through to our executive leaders, working with education, site and ancillary staff we want our children to learn from the best in the best schools.  We want all members of our school communities, be they children, staff governors or adult learners, to be able to make the best choices for themselves.  This will help deliver the very best educational and life outcomes for pupils and our communities. 

An Inspiring Environment Where Children Can Flourish


We focus on nurturing exceptional teachers in our schools which, in turn, nurtures happy, engaged children who develop a strong desire to learn. Our teachers have high expectations of the children and understand the need to work with them to capture their imagination and unlock their full potential. We invest a huge amount of time in training our teachers through our outstanding training hubs and by learning from best practice across all the Prestolee Trust schools. By tapping into this rich network of experience and knowledge, teachers can apply the best possible teaching methods in the classroom which feeds our strong culture of innovation and excellence for all.


Achieving Excellence for All


A culture of excellence is promoted within our schools, for both staff and pupils alike. We do this by focusing on our four key values. 


We support and value our staff, our children and our wider school communities.



We learn from each other and solve problems as a wider team.



We embrace new teaching ideas and progressive ways of working.



We harness the power of diversity and use it to learn and grow.

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