Welcome from Stuart Fox – Chair of Board of Directors Prestolee Trust

 For over a century Prestolee has been pioneering educational innovation & excellence, from the days of Teddy O’Neill in the 1900’s to its current guise under the leadership of our CEO Mr Tonge.

Long before Prestolee moved to academy status in 2015, the senior leadership team had been offering guidance, support and direction to schools within our cluster. To become the lead school in a Multi Academy Trust was a natural step, and as we expand and grow the excellence we have within our leadership team is exponentially increased.

The core values of every child a reader, every child a writer, every child numerate are carried over across all the schools and the vision for every child to do better than they have before at every turn is key.

The trust has within its umbrella an initial teacher training centre, where the teachers of tomorrow get the very best guidance and support as they start their journeys. It also has a teaching school, where outstanding leaders are nurtured and developed.

All this enables Prestolee Multi Academy Trust to be school centred, to allow those who know the system well to offer the best guidance and direction to the trust directors.

It is the role of the directors to ensure that the values the trust hold dear are carried across all schools, to ensure that the budget is managed prudently, and that each local governing body is accountable to it. It sets the direction and standards across all schools and monitors and evaluates each schools performance to ensure the trust is performing well as a whole.

Prestolee is recognised nationally as a byword for excellence and as we mature and expand it is essential that the trust ensures that we remain outstanding in all areas.

Stuart Fox

Chair Prestolee Multi Academy Trust


Welcome from Mike Tonge – CEO Prestolee Trust

Prestolee Trust builds upon the ideas of our most famous leader, Teddy O’Neil. Teddy was the first head in the country to develop a true community school. Indeed it can be argued that Prestolee, under Teddy O’Neill, was the first community school in England.

It is that notion of community which is the central driver to our philosophy and our work.  We are a community of schools and organisations.  We work together as a group to improve the lives and opportunities of the children in our care.  Through improving the aspiration, the education and the development of the children in our school we are working to improve all our communities.  We work with parents, community groups, key local stakeholders and the schools to provide as wide a range of opportunities and improvements for all of the children in our care.

We are very clear we are not ‘cookie cutter’ schools.  All of our schools run as independent organisations under the umbrella of Prestolee Multi Academy Trust.  We invest in our leaders, our staff and our communities because this we feel is the only way to get strong, secure and stable improvements to our schools.  Each school serves a unique community and it is our job to add value to what that school does and not to dictate each individual aspect of the schools work.

Through our School Centred Initial Teacher training programme we produce some of the finest new teachers in the profession.  Through our teaching school we support a range of schools across Greater Manchester and across the country. Through our well established network and links we support school improvement in all schools across Greater Manchester and look to influence and shape policy.  We are committed to bringing the school system together through mutual support and engagement, be it through our School Led Conferences or through organisations such as Family of Schools or through the Greater Manchester Learning Partnership.  This is because we feel all the answers to the challenges we face are in the system somewhere – it is just a case of connecting and learning.

Prestolee is a Trust with community at its heart – because only schools as communities will succeed.

To find out more about or if you are thinking of joining us please explore the site and get in touch.


Mike Tonge




  • “Pupils of all abilities and backgrounds make excellent progress in reading, writing and mathematics throughout school and their attainment is high by the time they leave in Year 6.” Ofsted 2012