Prestolee Multi-Academy Trust

Prestolee Primary School

Prestolee Primary School is the founding school within Prestolee Multi Academy Trust.

Our school is in a small village between Bury and Bolton and on the outskirts of areas with high levels of deprivation. The large majority of our families live in the village of Prestolee.

At Prestolee, it is our ambition to provide a First Class Education for all of our pupils and improve the life chances of all by ensuring that pupils are next stage ready and prepared for a life in modern Britain.

Through our curriculum it is our highly committed and capable team’s ambition to provide the following platform for learning:

  • A strong foundation in reading, writing, maths and communication and a language rich environment which underpins the curriculum.
  • A wide range of cultural experiences to stretch their imagination and build excellent knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • A curriculum which utilises what the local community can offer its pupils.
  • A curriculum which celebrates the diversity of other cultures.
  • A curriculum which places high social value on all aspects of learning and prioritises pupils becoming effective citizens of the future.

Reading has the highest priority at our school.

At Prestolee we are passionate about being a pillar within the local community and contribute significantly to the education of all children across our Trust schools. We are aspirational for all of our children and provide opportunities for them to become well rounded and capable individual members of society.

We achieve this by striving to provide an environment for learning in which children are able to maximise their potential academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

At Prestolee we work to ensure:




A school where every child has the chance to shine and is prepared for a future of possibilities. 

We want all members of the school community to aspire to the Prestolee Standard. 

‘To be better than you have ever been before - Aiming High.’

To find out more about Prestolee please visit  the schools website by following the link below: 

Prestolee Primary School Website