Prestolee Multi-Academy Trust

Meet The Directors

Mr Andrew Gallimore 

Andrew has a background in accountancy and business management accounts and, he worked for a number of years in retail. His passion is teaching and 20 years ago, he took up the challenge to be a Pastor at a Baptist church in Eccles, allowing him the opportunity to teach others the tenets of the Christian faith. Alongside his work with local churches, Andrew began working with a Christian charity providing specialist lessons to primary schools across the North West. His experience within the classroom gives him insight into the current climate of education and the challenges faced by professionals at the forefront of teaching and learning.

Andrew has been a school governor for over 20 years and held various roles including chairing committees and vice-chair and chair of the local governing board. His journey with Bowness Primary School, the first school to join Prestolee MAT, has helped him to understand the vision for a first class education for all pupils under his care. Joining Prestolee MAT has enabled the school to thrive, a decision advocated and driven by Andrew.

Currently Andrew is Chair of the MAT board implementing the strategic priorities of the Trust. Under his leadership, the organisation continues to grow and develop. Andrew particularly values the establishing of new teacher training hubs across the North West region as he sees this as vital in training the next generation of outstanding teaching professionals. He is an advocate for continuing professional development across the Trust and encourages career growth and progression. Andrew sees a bright future for Prestolee MAT as it continues to aim high and reach its ambitious goals.


Mrs Lisa Gartside 

Lisa has an MSci in Physics and has a science and technology background. She has worked in the software industry for more than 20 years. Currently she works with customers across multiple industries, including banking, insurance, manufacturing and retail, helping them to adopt technology to automate their businesses and manage their content.  Prior to her current role in technical sales, she was a technical consultant working with customers to deliver technology based projects across local government, commerce, telecommunications, financial services and health research.

Lisa has developed a range of skills through her professional and voluntary activities.  These include analysis of data, problem solving, project management, proposal writing, negotiation, mentoring and business development. She has extensive experience of presenting complex information to a wide range of audiences and has worked successfully in virtual teams for many years. 

Lisa has been a Director of Prestolee Multi Academy Trust (MAT) since 2017. She is also the Chair of the MAT Standards Committee, which analyses attainment, progress and outcomes across the MAT to identify issues and track the impact of the work that is taking place across the Trust. Prior to joining the MAT Lisa also served for 6 years on the governing body of a primary school in Bury. Through her work with customers, Lisa has deep knowledge of collaborative working and information management, which she has shared with the board to modernise the way in which they work. This has allowed the board to become more efficient, enabling them to manage the large volumes of information that Directors rely on to allow them to track progress and monitor all aspects of the Trust’s performance.

Lisa enjoys live music, travelling, football, Nordic Noir, Pilates and cake. She is a keen supporter of schemes to improve the number of girls and women studying or working in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).


Mr Andrew Sargeant 

Has held many senior management and Director roles within the waste management industry, having accountability for the leadership, general management and performance of both regional and national multi-site structures.   This included the employment and management of up to 250 staff in senior management, operational, transportation, engineering, sales and customer support roles. Andrew is  a skilled leader and team builder, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

The businesses operated both within the UK and Europe, having an annual turnover of £25m, demonstrating business finance knowledge, profit and loss management, forecasting, cost appraisal, budgeting, formulation of business plans, preparation of capital applications, capital and non-capital project management.

For the last 15 years, has been the Director of his own waste management brokerage, a Limited Company. He has a good knowledge of employment law, health and safety and environmental legislation.

From 1995 – 2021 Andrew was a school governor at Barton Moss Community Primary school and prior to that a governor at Woodbank Primary. He has held various roles during his time as Chair of Finance, the Complaints Panel, Performance Management Panel, Exclusion Panel and been the Vice-Chair and Chair of Governors.

Andrew has experienced five Ofsted inspections and was proud to gain the governor mark.  

The most recent inspection at Barton Moss saw the school gain its much deserved ‘good’ grade.Andrew was instrumental in the selection process and academy conversion of Barton Moss in September 2017, joining the Prestolee Multi Academy Trust. Andrew is a director of Prestolee MAT Governing Board and a member of the Finance and Audit/Personnel and Property/Standards committees, taking the Chair role of the Finance and Audit Committee. He is also Chair of the Salford Schools Forum, which is the consultative and decision-making representative for the education body, working within Salford.

He has served on the virtual governing board of the Looked After Children - virtual school (the Pupil Premium Plus Governance Group) within Salford.Andrew would describe himself as an analytical thinker.  He enjoys the diversity that working on behalf of a multi academy trust brings and provides that strategic support and challenge. He values honesty, commitment, hard work and passion. Andrew believes that It is a privilege to support our trust and make a contribution to future generations and their success. 


Mr James Whitham 

James has a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Liverpool. He is an experienced business and technology consultant who has over 30 years’ business experience across a range of organisations and roles.  James initially worked in manufacturing and retail organisations, before moving into consultancy in 2000.  In 2012, James set up his own company to provide Information Management consultancy and delivery services to both end-user organisations and professional services companies.

James joined Tottington Primary School’s governing body as a parent governor in 2014, and was then elected as Chair of Governors in 2017.  James played an instrumental role in the academy conversion of Tottington Primary School in 2019.He became a Director of Prestolee Multi-Academy Trust in Jan 2020  and a member of the Finance and Audit/Personnel and Property/Standards committees, taking the Chair role of the Personnel and Property Committee.

James is married with 3 daughters, two of whom are currently at University.  He has lived in Tottington for the last 20 years.

James’ hobbies are reading, watching films, dog walking and cycling.  He is a member of a tandem club, which takes blind and partially-sighted people out on weekly rides of between 30 and 60 miles.



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