Prestolee Multi-Academy Trust

Bowness Primary School

Bowness Community Primary School joined Prestolee Multi Academy Trust in December 2015.

Bowness is a rapidly improving school and has recently been graded as ‘Good’ with an outstanding feature for personal development and welfare. The school have worked closely with Prestolee Multi Academy Trust since 2015 to improve outcomes. The leaders of the Trust work together with the Head teacher and leaders to improve outcomes.

Over the last 2 years, as the Trust has grown, the Bowness team have worked relentlessly to become a contributor to the Trust and is now successful in its approach to create the next generation of leaders within the Trust. We work together will all the schools to share resources, whether this is business management, developing teaching and learning or assessment models and we are beginning to share those resources across the trust and beyond.

Bowness is a small, family school and this is demonstrated by the photos below.

The most recent external validation states…

“This is a happy school’.  

“Children love learning”

“Teachers plan lessons that engages children’s interest”

“Children get off to a flying start in EYFS”

“Pupils benefit from a range of activities to enrich their learning”

OFSTED 2018. This is crucial as the children are our ultimate priority.

Bowness team work hard working towards our created vision of “Every child a reader, Every child a writer, Every child numerate, A school where every child has the chance to shine and is prepared for a future of possibilities’. 

This is central and vital to all decision making and is a key driver to school improvement.

If you require more information about the school, then please do not hesitate to contact the Head teacher, Mrs V Unsworth on 01204333140.

To find out more about Bowness please visit their website by following the link below.